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KaKa Snack Pin


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Bring on the nostalgia with these unique Good Citizen plush pins! Cute, nostalgic, and handmade - what else are you looking for? Take a walk down your fond childhood memory lane by pinning this charming old school snack-inspired plush badge on your tees or bags!

Remember this chicken-flavoured caramel-corn snack? A huge hit in the 80s and 90s, this crunchy and salty snack deeply satisfied our taste buds. Get your own KAKA plush pin now!


Need more old school badges? Grab a set of 3 pins ($29.90) here.


Measurements & Specifications

Size: Approx 3.7cm x 4.6cm (Length x Height)

Material: Polyester Fibre


Designed and handmade by Wheniwasfour 

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