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Kiasu Auntie Cushion Cover


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Kiasu Auntie - The Everything-must-win Auntie

Our hawker centre tables are littered with packets of tissue paper, umbrellas and even newspapers during lunch and dinner time. No one seems to claim them, yet no one sits around them. Singaporeans take great pride in the legendary act of “chope”-ing seats and respect the unspoken rule of reserving seats while food is being queued for.


Inspired by the quirky attributes of Singaporeans, 4 characters (Hao Lian Girl, Kiasu Auntie, Chiongster Boy and Kan Cheong Uncle) were created to fight for their rights to claim a seat at a nearby hawker centre.


Measurements & Specifications


Size of cushion: 45cm x 45cm (Width x Height)

(Fits a 50cm x 50cm Ikea inner cushion)


Material: Super soft velvet, Hidden zip

Note: Cushion covers do not come with an inner cushion


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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