Milo Dino Toy


Served in a large cup with generous heaps of Milo powder on top of iced cold Milo, the Milo Dinosaur is a local favourite. Imagine savouring the creamy mixture of malt and chocolate in your mouth while enjoying the crunchiness of the Milo powder in between sips. This flavourful thirst quencher in sunny Singapore can be found in our local coffeeshops!

It comes as a plain white Milo Dino which you can unleash your creativity to your heart's content by painting and turning it to your very own local collectible figurine! 

Measurements & Specifications

Size of the toy: 10 x 5 x 12cm (L x W x H)

Material: Vinyl

Includes12 Multi-Colour Acrylic Paints + 2 Brushes (1 Flat, 1 Round), an info card with colour wheel




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