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Old School Chinese Composition Tote Bag


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Let these quirky old school tote bags bring on pure nostalgia for you and your friends! And if you're longing for the good old times, fret no more as you satiate your wistful desires with your favourite primary school memories. Your Chinese teacher would be so proud!

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 35cm x 38cm (Length x Height), with 2 sets of straps (Long and short)

Base: 24cm x 10cm

Strap Length: Longer strap: 55cm; Shorter strap: 20cm 

Strap Drop Length: Longer strap: 25cm; Shorter strap: 2.5cm

Strap Width: 3cm


Material: Washable Kraft Paper, Cotton webbing strap

Printing: Silkscreen printing


Note: Material is washable but not waterproof.

Designed by Wheniwasfour

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