Hiro / Bee Bee / Mamee Pin


Accessorise your bags and tops with your favourite old school snack in the form of charming little plush pins! Take your pick or take them all, it's all up to you~


Design: Hiro Chocolate Cake

A golden yellow cake with a sweet chocolate coating, this nostalgic snack was a big hit in the 80s and 90s. This soft and mini cake reminds us of all the times we spent sitting at canteen tables with friends, stuffing our faces with snacks after a good round of “catching” in the courtyard. 


Design: Bee Bee Snack

This orange snack that come in the form of petite sticks are still popular to date. Its iconic prawn flavour always leaves us wanting more. 


Design: Mamee

This Malaysian snack has stolen all of Singapore’s heart with its convenience and amazing flavour. Known for being a noodle snack that requires no cooking, this crispy and savoury snack is often crushed into tiny bits and shaken with the seasoning packet that comes with every bag (it’s really just MSG). Maybe we should’ve heeded our parents’ warnings about eating too much of these Mamee noodles that will cause us to start “dropping hair”...


Need more old school badges? Grab a set of 3 pins ($29.90) here. 


Measurements & Specifications

Size of Badge: 4cm x 3cm (Width x Height)

Material: Polyester Fibre


Designed and handmade by Wheniwasfour

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