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男孩要短发 Pin


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The Hippie culture took Singapore by storm in the 1960s. The Singapore government deemed such influences as negative and detrimental to the newly-independent Singapore. To minimize the practice of hippie culture, the government launched a campaign to ban males from having long hair in the 1960s. The ban was later lifted in the 1990s.


Drawing inspiration from this campaign and the 1960s, our 男孩要短发 acrylic pins now come in a retro-looking design! Grab yours today!


Need more pins? Grab a set of 3 acrylic pins ($24) or 4 acrylic pins ($32) here.


Measurements & Specifications


Size: 3.2cm x 4.2cm

Material: Acrylic with epoxy top coat


Designed by Wheniwasfour


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