Popiah Cushion Cover


Product Code: 4-R1-H5 / 5-L3-I2

Does this remind you of our childhood flashcards? These nostalgic flashcards with popular Singaporean delicacies have been transformed into cushions!


Design: Popiah

Popiah has a soft and thin paper-like outer layer made of crepe. It is filled with steamed turnip, grated carrots, bean sprouts, lettuce leaves, roasted peanuts and and sausages. With a drizzle of shrimp paste sauce and sweet sauce, Popiah is both flavourful and nutritious. 


Measurements & Specifications

Size of cushion: 30cm x 50cm (Width x Height)

(Fits a 40cm x 65cm Ikea inner cushion, or a 30cm x 50cm Giant inner cushion)


Material: Premium thick cotton linen, Hidden zip

Note: Cushion covers do not come with an inner cushion


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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