Potong Pin


Get your own set of nostalgic badges inspired by essential Mama Shop snacks! Take these little goodies around with you as you go on with your day-to-day and watch your day be boosted with the energy of ease and convenience that a Mama Shop brings~

Forget about Gelato and have an old-school Potong Ice Cream instead!


Grab a Potong Ice Cream pin to accessorize you tops or bags today! These pins are available in 4 designs:

1. Red Bean (Red & Blue)

2. Yam (Purple)

3. Durian (Green)

4. Cendol (Brown)


Need more old school badges? Grab a set of 3 pins ($29.90) here.

Measurements & Specifications

Size of Badge: Approx 2cm x 6cm (Length x Height)

Material: Polyester Fibre


Designed and handmade by Wheniwasfour

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