Sayang/Poot Poot Cushion Cover


Product Code: 4-R1-I3 / 5-L3-H2

Front: Sayang Sayang
Poot Poot

Introducing our Baby Talk Cushion Cover – a delightful addition to every nursery. One side features the endearing term "Sayang," adding a touch of tenderness, while the other side showcases "Baluku." This double-sided cover offers a snug spot for your baby to rest or play. A sentimental choice for parents, grandparents, or anyone in search of a charming gift for a little one. Transform your space into a haven of love and affection with our Baby Talk Cushion Cover – where style seamlessly meets sentiment.

These quirky cushion covers are sure to bring back fond memories, grab yours today!


Measurements & Specifications

Size of cushion: 30cm x 50cm (Width x Height)

(Fits a 40cm x 65cm Ikea inner cushion, or a 30cm x 50cm Giant inner cushion)

Material: Premium thick cotton linen, Hidden zip

Note: Cushion covers do not come with an inner cushion


Designed by Wheniwasfour

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