Soar & Striving Mug


Product Code: 2-L1-A7

Front Design: Soar
Back Design: Striving

To live is to have purpose, to be motivated, and to rise again when you fall. Along the way, you might need some encouragement—after all, we're not superheroes. That's why we've created "追梦人" (Dream Chaser), designed to inspire you to never give up and keep pushing forward!

Introducing our Dream Chaser enamel mug, featuring "Soar" and "Striving" illustrations. Drink up and be filled with hope and inspiration as you chase your dreams!

Measurements & Specifications

Size: 8.8cm x 9cm (height x diameter)

Material: Enamel

- Mug is non-microwaveable

Designed by Wheniwasfour

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