Super Kopitiam Hero Stickers


Are you like the cool guy ‘Jack Teh Peng’ or the love-struck ‘Jenny Kaya Toast’? Have fun using these cute mini ‘super kopitiam hero’ stickers to add character to your ‘barang-barang’!

Get Sticker 01 and 02 bundle set at a cheaper price!


Measurements & Specifications

Sticker: Vinyl sticker

Size: 14 x 19.5cm

Sticker 01 - Milo Dino, Kopi-O Kosong, Kopi-O Gao, Rose Bandung, Jack Teh Peng
Sticker 02 - Jenny Kaya Toast, Mr. Lim Kopi, Half-Boiled Eggs


Designed by Wheniwasfour. Printed in Singapore.


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