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Five Stone Plushies SET (Mix and Match!)

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A set of 5 Plushies! 

1. Colourful Stripes
2. Orange and Brown Stripes
3. Thick Blue Stripes
4. Thin Blue Stripes
5. Cyan Polka Dots
6. Red Polka Dots
7. Yellow Polka Dots
8. Small Polka Dots
9. Red Blue Checks

These extra large five stones (also known as Knucklebones, Jacks or Chuckstones) can be used for hugging and playing! Available in a variety of designs, grab a Five Stone Plushie to fill your house with old-school memories!


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Drop us an email at after placing your order. State the quantity and designs you'd like to purchase!


Do note that production will only begin after payment has been received.


Measurements & Specifications

Size of Five stone: 36cm

Inner Cushion Filling: Polyester Fibre

Cushion Cover: Removable cover with a zipper


A handmade product. Proudly sewn by Mums! 

NOTE: 1-2 weeks of production time may be required. (Dependent on product availability)

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