You Tiao (True friends are never apart)


We often separate the 'you tiao' into half when we eat it. Using this concept, we turn it into a friendship/valentine's day greeting card of "Xiao You" and "Xiao Tiao" whom they want to be stuck with each other forever. ^^ 

Brighten up someone's day by giving them our locally-inspired, quirky greeting card to your friends, loved ones or your one and only special person in your life. 

Put a smile on their face today! ^^

Designed by Wheniwasfour. Printed in Singapore.

Measurements & Specifications

Open Size: 23cm L x 16.5cm H
Close Size (when folded): 11.5cm L x 16.5cm H
Paper: 250gsm Maple Bright
Envelope: C6 size, brown kraft paper

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