Have you ever had that one time when you listened to a song and your mood instantly improved? Well, turns out, music and mood are actually closely related! Listening to a happy or sad song can actually make you feel happy or sad. If we think deeper, do you wonder why you always feel so energetic to shop at clothing stores or feel chill and relaxed at stores like Muji? Most of it is actually related to the music being played! 

Clothing stores actually tend to play more energetic pop songs to get shoppers to feel more energetic to shop around the whole store and also for them to  complete their shopping faster! Stores like Muji play more relaxing, happy and chill songs which lets shoppers feel like they can take their time and enjoy the shopping experience and also the music in the store! 

Did you know our Wheniwasfour Waterloo shop also has a playlist of songs which we like to play for patrons to listen and enjoy as they shop? Listen to our Spotify playlist of songs here! We hope listening to our playlist will make you feel the cozy, homey and relaxing vibes from anywhere you are!


photograph of interior of Wheniwasfour waterloo shop decorated with local-inspired items and novelty items

October 16, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

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