Sharing content is made simple here! For the purpose of this guide, we will be using two tools: and Instagram. These tools are totally free and easy to use! will help to keep our trackable links organised and more presentable to our audience! And Instagram is the social media platform which we will use to reach our audience (but of course, you can share in other social media accounts too).

Let's get started!

1. Create a account 

2. Customise your Linktree

Spruce up your Linktree by adding links and titles to it! You can add as many links as you want and even add anything that interests you in your Linktree. When sharing Wheniwasfour pages, remember to use your trackable link so you can earn commissions when people purchase anything after clicking your link! You can also preview how your Linktree looks, glam it up with different colours or set a profile picture!

(Click here to learn how to generate trackable links!)

3. Add your links in your social media accounts or anywhere else!

In this tutorial, I added my Linktree to my Instagram account! I find it really helpful because I can now share multiple links in my Instagram account through just one link. Your followers will also be able to click the content which interests them most, hence pack your Linktree with fresh and interesting content! Remember that you can share your Linktree in other social media platforms too!


And this is the final form of my Linktree! I can continue to update my links with new and relatable contents as much as I like!


That's all folks! Sharing content made easy and fun. I had a lot of fun exploring cool links to share with my friends and family through this method and I hope you will too. Happy sharing!

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