Nasu's phone rang as he stepped out of the Steamboat Bathhouse.


"Hey, we're at the Broth Bar! We're running low on ingredients for Mala Margaritas, can you bring some salt over?" a bubbly voice pierced through the phone.


"Sure, sure, I'll be there in 10," Nasu replied.


As he made his way to the bar, the brinjal watched the beautiful dumpling boats glide across the Tomato River and felt his feet rustle against the fallen autumn leaves. The gentle breeze caressed his face while he took a whiff of the sweet-smelling air and enjoyed his short-lived solitude.


As Nasu quietly entered the bar, the glimmmering dance floor and dangling deep-red tassels seemed almost blinding.


"Hey! Thanks for coming!" two synchronised voices shouted across the dance floor.


"Is today's theme Mala Bonanza?" Nasu guessed.


"Yeah, you got it right!" the voices chimed in harmony.


Dressed in matching red and white striped suits, the energetic crab stick twins looked sophisticated and dashing. As the energetic crab sticks floated from table to table to entertain and host their guests, Nasu inched towards the exit in hope of having some alone-time to complete his new webisode. However, the supportive brinjal decided to stay.


"Kani, Kama, I'll be grabbing a seaweed soup shot at the bar, let me know if you need anything," Nasu whispered. "I'll help you keep a lookout for them too."


"Thanks Nasu! You're the best!" Kama said. The ever-bubbly crab stick turned to his twin and let out a disheartened sigh, "Hey Kani, do you think we'll ever find them?"


Kani grabbed Kama and pulled him into a hug. "Come on! Don't lose hope. We'll definitely find them through these parties. There's no way we'll miss crab-looking fishes. I'm sure they'll be looking for us too."


The twins, whose long-lost parents are rumoured to be fish instead of actual crabs, put a smile on their faces and continued their party in hopes of reuniting their family one day.




At the bar where Nasu sat, a fashionable bean stood with poise and elegance. Dressed from head to toe in trendy apparel, the bean surveyed the room and let out a disgusted grunt.


"Look at Sotongbo! What is she wearing! her socks are unmatched again!" The chic Ya Ya shook her head in exasperation. "None of these Sumoborus have ANY fashion sense!"


As she downed her shot of laksa broth, the diva waved goodbye to Nasu and said, "I better get my new line of jeans out in the market before these Sumoborus face another fashion disaster!"


"Come on So So! Let's go!" Ya Ya reached out to grab her brother's hand.


So So, who was in the middle of his stand-up routine, exclaimed, "Nattō-gain!" (not again!)


As his audience erupted into laughter, the bean with the glistening bald head made a curtsy and exited the stage. "Hey! I wasn't done with my routine yet! I still have many bald jokes to tell!" So So said.


"Leave that for another day! I'm sure you'll have more time to tell your jokes when you're a world-class comedian," Ya Ya winked and exclaimed with confidence.


As the mischievous duo left the Broth Bar, they bumped into the edgy Dubu who was on its way to audition new members for its band, "Red Hot Mala Peppers".


"Hey neighbour! Heading home?" So So exclaimed while throwing his arm around Dubu. "Yeah, but get your hands off me, baldie!" Dubu jeered with a slight smile.


As the trio headed towards their apartment on Sumoboru Street, the sunset left a shimmery glow on the Tomato River to signal the end of a long day.




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November 22, 2019 by Cherise Ang

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