Old School Games We Love

We’re experiencing a decreasing trend in outdoor play. We see fewer children playing on the streets, families glued to their personal mobile devices during meal time and babies choosing tablets and tv shows over toys. As the world digitalises, we see less interpersonal interactions and more signs of inactivity and childhood obesity.

From iconic outdoor games like block catching to board games like monopoly, are our favourite childhood traditions becoming a mere thing of the past? Are familiar childhood games being replaced by online entertainment and games?

Here’s a list of 10 childhood games we loved and wish we could still indulge in:


Block Catching


Remember running across corridors and occasionally getting shouted at for breaking the neighbours’ potted plants? Those were the days we had energy to run from fuming aunties and race our friends up and down blocks and blocks of staircases. A favourite after-school activity, this game was the simplest of the lot - you just ran and ran till you got caught (or catch everyone, if you’re the “catcher”).


老鹰捉小鸡 (Eagle Catch Chicks)

Cr: kknews


A traditional children’s game from Taiwan, this game wreaked havoc on school courtyards and at HDB void decks. A game rather similar to “Catching”, 老鹰捉小鸡 brought out all our primal instincts - to catch our prey or to prevent ourselves from getting caught.  With an Eagle (the “catcher”), a Hen (the “protector”) and the many chicks, this game was an exciting large group activity. 


Game Rules:

  1. The hen (usually the tallest/biggest person) would protect the chicks by stretching its arms out and running away from the eagle
  2. The chicks would stand in a line behind the hen, usually linked by holding the shoulder or shirt of the person before him/her. They would follow the hen’s movements and try not to get caught by the eagle.
  3. The eagle would try its best to catch all the chicks.


The eagle wins if it manages to catch all the chicks, and the hens and chicks win if they aren’t caught by the stipulated timing. A game that involved a lot of running, screaming, domino-effect falling and t-shirt stretching, this game definitely got our blood pumping and adrenaline rushing.


Eraser Flipping Game


These infamous country erasers doubled-up as toys, collectibles, possessions for barter trade, and even spinning tops (if you stapled them). They just weren’t good at their one job - erasing pencil marks. In an era where handphones and electronic devices weren’t allowed in schools, the eraser flipping game was a hot favourite among students. A game commonly played during recess, in between lessons and sometimes with your table buddy during lesson time… this game taught us that brute force doesn’t necessarily manifest into success. Sometimes strategy, sacrifice and patience are the most important values in life.


Pick-Up Sticks


Players would sit in a circle and the first player would gather the sticks in a palm and let them fall onto the floor. The rules were simple - each player would have to pick up as many sticks as possible without touching or moving the other sticks. If another stick moves, the next player gets to start his/her turn. This game bases itself on patience and an extremely stable hand. It was a popular game to play when it was raining or too hot to be running outdoors.



Cr: wikihow


Remember that annoying friend who kept tapping his/her own fingers so they could “split” later on in the game? The Chopsticks game could go on for a minute, or five, depending on how strategic both players are. A versatile game that can be played anywhere (because the game pieces are your fingers!!) and with anyone, we highly suspect that this game was invented by our Asian parents to teach us basic addition and subtraction.

Heart Attack

Cr: Kappanonline


Staying true to its name, this game might actually have caused some of us to have the weak hearts we have today. In the game that combines luck, deviousness and an awful lot of anxiety, players would follow the instructions below to win the game:


  1. Players would have to play a round of scissors-paper-stone and the loser of the first round would place his/her hand on the table.
  2. All players would then continue playing scissors-paper-stone and stack their losing hands on top of each others’.
  3. When all hands are placed in the stack, the person with his/her hand at the bottom of the stack (on the table) would have to remove his/her hand and compete with the latest winner.
  4. The goal of the game is for a player to have both his/her hands out of the stack.


The winner with both his/her hands out of the stack gets to countdown to the punishment. Using the syllables “Heart-A-ttack”, the winner would smack his/her hand on the stack - whoever couldn’t remove their hands fast enough would be victims of a huge, painful hit on the back of their hands. Here’s a slight mentally-twisted part. Most winners love having the power of everyone’s fates in their hands and would countdown really slowly to give a sudden attack. Heart Attack was definitely a thrilling and exciting game, but were the red, swollen hands and anxiety it gave us really worth it?



Cr: Amazon


Monopoly has withstood the test of time. Its evolution from the original American Monopoly board to its current variety (Disney, Fortnite, Spongebob and even a Singapore board) has proven how successful the franchise is. From taxation to collusion, under-the-table negotiations and bankruptcy, the hours-long game helped players learn about economics and the real business world in a fun and thrilling way. “It’s just a game” definitely did not apply to this world-renowned friendship-ruining game.



Cr: Youtube


A game that put our deduction skills to the test, Cluedo helped us realise all our detective dreams. From unsuspecting weapons to innocent-looking victims and rooms you’d never find in a Singapore HDB flat, this definitely was the most fun and interesting mystery-themed board game.




Let’s be honest, we all screamed “SNAP!!” at the top of our lungs as if volume affected the outcome of this game. This matching card game was played using either snap cards or poker cards, and rules were changed to intensify the game. This game trained us to be alert and fast thinkers and responders.


Old Maid / Donkey


With the goal of discarding pairs of cards and not being left with the old maid or lone donkey, this matching game is highly dependent on luck and chance. A game that is enjoyed by family and friends, this game is usually played at parties or gatherings.

September 16, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Teachers' Day Special: What School Teaches Us About the Real World

We spend the majority of our childhood and teenage years in school. We hide snacks under our tables so we won’t get caught eating by prefects, we leave soaking wet handprints on our classmates’ uniforms. We doze off during English and Math classes, but miraculously have a never-ending supply of energy to play “catching” during recess. 

We gain knowledge, discover our personalities and explore the world beyond our imagination in the many years of education we have. We try, we fail, we learn and we grow. For that, we have our teachers to thank. From the Chemistry teacher who ALWAYS gives random organic chemistry pop quizzes, to the Chinese teacher who makes us “罚站” (stand during class as a punishment) if we don’t complete our “习字” (writing practices), our teachers work tirelessly to help us become better people. 

Our passionate and dedicated teachers spend long hours formulating lesson plans, executing curriculums and managing our extra-curricular activities (CCAs, excursions etc.). They go beyond their working hours to mark worksheets, give consultations and keep updates of our progress. They impart more than just knowledge. They inculcate values. They inspire. They are the very backbone of our education system. 

This Teachers’ Day, let us reminisce about the good ol’ school days and the lessons our teachers have taught us.


From ages 7 to 16, children are put through a rigorous and holistic education system. From Science to Art, Singapore’s education system ensures that children are well-rounded individuals who have strong physical and cognitive abilities. Here’s a list of subjects we have been taught (and what they have taught us):


Cr: Mycroft


Ah... the anxiety-inducing spelling tests and oral examinations. Remember trying so desperately to use phonics or the “有边读边” method during our exams? Remember writing “在一个风和日丽的早上, 小明和小丽踏着轻快的脚步...” for ALL our chinese compositions


The compulsory language classes we have in primary and secondary schools - English & Mother Tongue - help to develop both our written and verbal communication skills. English, the lingua franca of international business, science and technology, prepares us for interactions in the globalised world. It encourages us to develop a personal voice, to be effective communicators and to gain interest in reading, inferring and understanding the information around us.


Our Mother Tongue Language (Chinese Language, Malay Language or Tamil Language) not only enables us to be adaptive and prepared for additional opportunities in the global environment, but also grounds and reminds us of our heritage. Our Mother Tongue Languages reiterate traditional values (i.e. filial piety, humility, frugality, etc.) that are close to our racial and ethnic identities, some of which are untranslatable to the English language.


Cr: Pinterest


We often laugh at the absurd “John” who buys 80 watermelons at a supermarket and the “Alice” who has to split 600 pieces of chocolates with her friends. We question why we need to learn algebra, geometry and trigonometry when they’re mostly inapplicable to everyday life. We complain about the iconic TYS (Ten Year Series assessment books), yet practice them religiously when PSLE, “O” or “A” Levels are right around the corner. Why do we have such a love-hate relationship with Mathematics?


Mathematics, or rather, the practice of mathematics frustrates us because it often seems one-tracked; a fixed set of answers exist and our answers are always either right or wrong. An inaccurate decimal point, let alone a miscalculation, would result in a catastrophic loss of marks during our examinations. Essentially, there is little to no room for error and carelessness.


However, despite its lack of tolerance for mistakes, Mathematics teaches us a great deal about the real world. It trains us to be meticulous, accurate and focused to prevent the snowballing of mistakes. It encourages us to develop logical, problem-solving and pattern-recognizing abilities, skills essential for our daily lives. Mathematics teaches us the value of hard work and perseverance - to practice ALL our problem sums in our iconic brown jotter books - because practice really does make perfect.




Science classes (especially lab sessions) were undoubtedly some of the most fun classes we’ve had. From examining a plant cell to testing for hydrogen gas with a lighted splint, science teaches us about ourselves, the world around us and the world beyond us. Biology teaches us about our bodies and our biodiversity - how our biological systems and ecosystems work and how we can protect them. Chemistry teaches us about reactions and how our actions can impact the world around us (e.g. how do CFCs contribute to global warming?). Physics teaches us how to improve the world around us (i.e. inventions, automations). 


Science teaches us how to protect, prevent and enhance ourselves and the world around us. If knowledge is power, then science is our enabler.


Social Sciences


The Humanities trinity - History, Geography and Literature - definitely trained us to have the good memory we have today. From memorizing the years the Vietnam War occurred to how breakwaters prevent coastal erosion, we learn about our predecessors, their stories and their experiences.


History teaches us about social division, wars and inequity. It hones our need to understand context and intention, it makes us think critically about narratives that have developed over the years. It teaches us about peace, harmony and social cohesion through the concepts of extremities, tyranny and oppression. History utilises the battles of our forefathers to explain how inadequate planning can lead to unfavourable consequences and how we can prevent or rectify injustice. 


Geography puts our interactions with Mother Earth under a microscope. From seasonal human migration to water pollution, the study of geography allows us to examine the impact of human actions and how we can/should prevent the destruction of our only inhabitable planet. By shedding a light on natural geological formations, climate change and our human population, geography helps us become aware and prepared for natural (tsunamis, earthquakes, etc.) and man-made (forest fires, overpopulation, etc.) disasters.


From Romance to Science Fiction to Mystery and Crime, Literature enables us to identify with characters to analyse larger-than-life questions. Classic Literature like “Animal Farm” and “Things Fall Apart” teaches us the importance of unity and strong leadership. Literary masterpieces like “Romeo & Juliet” and “Hamlet” prepares us for love and loss. Literature exposes us to a variety of themes and emotions - it teaches us about life through riveting narratives and epic adventures.


Art & Music
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Art and music classes help us develop skills outside of academia and enable us to explore alternative ways of expressing ourselves. 


Art and Craft classes encourage us to express ourselves through painting, drawing and making. It trains our fine motor skills and acts as a form of stress relief. From colours to textures and gradients, art teaches us to appreciate the simpler things in life and explore our craftsmanship and creativity. 


Then comes the legendary recorder. Remember how we used to get so flustered trying to hold our breaths while switching from note to note? Regardless of whether we loved pretending to be pied pipers, or could not be less interested in playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, the legendary musical instrument holds a special place in every Singaporean’s heart. The simple and easy-to-master instrument teaches us more than we realise. We build our sense of rhythm and learn to synchronise beats. We bond with friends through harmonies, melodies and the universal language that is music.




The Civics and Moral Education (CME) curriculum, now termed Character & Citizenship Education (CCE), interweaves with the Singaporean culture. As Singapore experiences an increasing exposure to western culture, traditional Asian qualities like frugality and filial piety are close to forgotten. CME, more commonly known as 好公民, teaches us to be respectful, responsible, resilient, harmonious, honest and caring citizens. It reminds us that compassion, service and social competencies outweigh academic and monetary achievements in our dog-eat-dog world. 


Cr: Pinterest


With rising childhood obesity and decreasing outdoor play rates, Physical Education (PE) is our saving grace. From the dreadful NAPFA test to intense sports like basketball and soccer, we learn to adopt an active lifestyle and develop our motor skills. Sports gives us the necessary exercise we need and help us with concentration, instruction-observation and discipline. Through our participation in sports, we learn how to collaborate and manage conflicts with others, skills essential for the 21st century workplace.




Our childhood and adolescence is when we first discover how we relate to the world and how we relate to others. We make life-long friends and experience our first falling-outs. Our teachers help us grow from mistakes and guide us in forming our personal values. They teach us to listen and assist us in establishing our identities. 


As the nation celebrates Teachers’ Day today, let us appreciate the painstaking efforts of the mentors who have helped us become who we are today. Call a former teacher. Write them a card. Say a huge thank you.


And to all teachers out there, Happy Teachers’ Day!

September 06, 2019 by Cherise Ang

10 Year Anniversary

Wheniwasfour is 10!


Sparked by a passion to appreciate the simple joys of our paper-chasing lives, our company’s vision of “simple happiness“ is exemplified through a decade’s worth of crafts and collectibles. From our humble beginnings at flea market stalls to our current space at Waterloo Street, the journey has been long, arduous and tremendously fulfilling.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU for your continuous support throughout the years! As we enter a new decade of fun-filled adventures, we would love for you to join our 10 Year Anniversary celebration with giveaway games, storewide discounts and special 福袋 (mystery bag) purchases this September!


10-Year Anniversary Promotion
2 to 13 September 2019


Enjoy 10% off* purchases when you spend a minimum of $30! Head on down to our brand store (Waterloo Centre) or enter the promo code “HAPPY10” during online checkout to enjoy the limited time offer!

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Giveaway Games

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Dino-mite Blast!
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Ahhhh! A Giant Lizard has been spotted and it’s destroying our town! Fortunately, brave Auntie is here to save us! 



To participate in this giveaway, you’ll have to:

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Find Five Super Fighters and Get Huat Huat!
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Mystery Bags
2 to 30 September 2019


Excited about 福袋s (Mystery Bags) but worried you’ll miss out on our giveaways? Fret not!

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Thank you for your wonderful support throughout the years! Stay tuned for more exciting events and collaborations coming soon!

September 02, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Singapore Night Festival 2019

As Singapore Night Festival returns this August, wheniwasfour celebrates the local arts scene with the return of our fan-favourite Rubber Stamping activity! Along with a Treasure Hunt around Waterloo Centre and a special giveaway contest, participants can explore and experience the Singapore night scene while enjoying fun and exciting activities.

Rubber Stamping

On 23rd-24th and 30th-31st August 2019, head on down to Waterloo Centre to enjoy a Rubber Stamping activity! Running from 7-10pm, enjoy stamping a variety of Sumoboru characters on your very own tote bag!



Fishbo, Sotongbo, Crabbo, Mogubo and Chickybo

(Sumoboru characters available for stamping)

You may either bring your own tote bag to enjoy this rubber stamping activity for FREE*, or purchase a plain tote bag from us for $7! Gather your friends and family for a stamping-good-time with your favourite Sumoboru characters this Singapore Night Festival!


The Rubber Stamping activity will be held at:


261 Waterloo Street #02-18

Singapore 180261

on 23, 24, 30 and 31 August, 7-10pm


*The rubber stamping activity is limited to 1 tote bag per participant 


Waterloo Treasure Hunt



Located in the heart of the local Arts community, Waterloo Centre is home to many art/music studios and interesting retail shops, including wheniwasfour’s very own brand store! Participants will get to explore the various sights and sounds of this rustic HDB-owned commercial space as they go treasure hunting for the 20 hidden Sumoboru characters. 



To participate in this Treasure Hunt, you’ll have to:

  1. Find 5 different Sumoboru characters hidden around Waterloo Centre (there are 20 hiding spots from levels 1 to 3)
  2. Take a selfie with each character
  3. Present all 5 pictures to our staff to redeem an old school toy!

Prizes are limited to the first 30 completers per day and 1 redemption per participant. Hurry down to hunt for these characters today!


Additionally, be one of three lucky winners to walk away with a $50 wheniwasfour voucher! All you’ll have to do is:

  1. Follow wheniwasfour on Instagram (@wheniwasfour_sg) or Facebook (@wheniwasfour)
  2. Post any 1 selfie from the treasure hunt on your Instagram OR Facebook page by 31st August, 11pm
  3. Hashtag #sgnightfest2019 and #wheniwasfournightfest on your post


The lucky draw will run from 23rd to 31st August, 11pm. Winners will be announced on 2 September 2019. Good luck and all the best on your hunt!


The Treasure Hunt will be held at Waterloo Centre:

261 Waterloo Street

Singapore 180263

 on 23, 24, 30 and 31 August, 6-10pm


August 20, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Fishbo Pack Launch

Smell something fishy? Here's why! Fishbo is back, and back with his gang!

 The confident Fishbos, jam-packed with extra cuteness, happiness, bounciness, cheekiness and enthusiasm are now available in a gigantic Fishbo pack! On a mission to bring joy to everyday life, the Fishbo gang is here to spread happiness and amusement to all!


Sold in a serving size of 9 Fishbos per bag, the Fishbos reside in their adorable yellow and blue home and come in a variety of 3 unique designs.


Kind and generous in nature, these Fishbos will always have your back. Whether you’re placing them at home or in the office, the Fishbos will soothe your every backache and bring you unlimited amounts of comfort and support. Also suitable for hugging, playing and squishing, the Fishbos are here to relieve your stress!


Made with the best quality ingredients and a whole lot of self-confidence, the Fishbo gang is ready to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Grab your very own Fishbo pack today!



3 Fishbo packs are up for grabs! Head to our Instagram page to:


  1. Follow us @wheniwasfour_sg (Instagram) OR @wheniwasfour (Facebook)
  2. Tag a friend and name your favourite fishball noodle stall in the comment section


This giveaway contest will run from 14 August to 21 August 2019. Winners of the giveaway contest will be randomly selected. Winners will be announced on 22 August and contacted via his/her individual accounts. 

August 20, 2019 by Cherise Ang

National Day Special - Why I'd Choose Singapore Over Any Country, Any Day

I spent three months on an overseas school exchange program last summer. With no parental supervision and a light school workload, I was presented with the freedom to explore the world beyond Singapore and the opportunity to broaden both my mental and physical horizons. It was exciting to be away from home for such an extended period of time and it was definitely exhilarating to be exposed to cultures and practices unbeknownst to the Singaporean I am.

The first few weeks of exchange were great. New sounds, new sights, and a whole lot of late nights spent chilling and bonding with my flatmates in our rooftop apartment. We talked about living overseas permanently and were confident we’d thrive in a thrill-seeking environment. The weeks went by and we acclimated to our new neighbourhood, our home for the remaining few weeks.

But boy did our opinions on immigration change. By the fifth week of summer, my flatmates and I grew weary of the new environment we were in. New experiences became routines, favourite meals became boring and tourist attractions no longer excited us. As the novelty of being in a new place wore off, we started looking at the bigger picture - could we adapt to the different culture, food and practices? I was loving my new-found independence, but the “mundane” life I led in Singapore suddenly felt so much more inviting. 

In our desperation for a sense of home and familiarity, my flatmate sacrificed the last pack of bak kut teh spices she brought from home and quietly stirred the broth.

As we crowded around the dining table, slurping every ounce of home we could get, we talked about the never-ending variety of cuisines and all our unique Singaporean antics. Our late night banter, coupled with the thick and savoury bak kut teh broth, made me realise how incredibly proud I am to be Singaporean. Here are some reasons why:

Singapore is Safe and Endearing

In the three months I spent overseas, my friends and I braved through several instances of cat- and name-calling, erratic weather conditions and unpredictable civil protests, all of which we rarely experience in Singapore. The inconvenience and constant fear for safety made us realise how fortunate we are to be protected from terrorism, wars, natural disasters and major social unrest.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Singapore is a perfect country. We struggle with problems such as high costs of living (due to our limited land and resources), an ageing population and an increasingly divisive social strata. We see Singaporeans fighting for seats on MRTs and carrying out inconsiderate acts like ticket scalping. We occasionally meet xenophobics and racists. But hey, we are (in general) an understanding and endearing society. Perhaps because our modern lifestyle mixes with traditional Asian beliefs, our various cultures mould us into kind, filial and empathetic people. The value of moral and ethics are instilled through school curriculums and we’re taught to be 好公民s (Good Citizens) from a young age. I believe, somewhere deep under our “Kiasu” (scared to lose) and “Kiasi” (scared to die) demeanour, we are neighbourly Singaporeans who uphold values like integrity, humility and frugality. The Singaporean culture truly is a melting pot of every race and religion we have. For a country that is only half a century old, we are relatively tolerant and compromising.


The Greatest Variety of Food

I remember spending most of my exchange nights at all kinds of restaurants (Western, Korean, Japanese, etc.), but loving my friend’s home-cooked bak kut teh most. Not only was it heart-warming and delicious, it also provided a sense of home. The scene of us huddling at the dining table and talking about our experiences reminded me of our hawker culture, of families and friends catching up over delectable local food and drinks.

Cr: Alamy


As people sip on their sugarcane and grass jelly drinks, they share more than just food. Families gather to share daily updates while friends and colleagues banter about the latest gossip and trends. As people from all walks of life gather to enjoy the variety of Singaporean food, even the pickiest eater would have a field day. From hainanese chicken rice to roti prata, satay, laksa and char kway teow, these delectable (and reasonable!!) cuisines remind us of our true heritage - our kampong spirit of sharing, understanding and being there for one another.


Our Language

I remember walking down a tourist-frequented street in the district I was living in.


“Eh no, just now that one cheaper!”


At the sound of a familiar accent, I whisked my head around and immediately located my fellow Singaporean. Dressed in a t-shirt, bermudas and slippers, the man stood at the roadside stall, unabashedly comparing prices.


My friend let off a smirk and exclaimed, “That one confirm Singaporean!”


It’s amazing how language and mannerisms can transcend physical and national boundaries. Our self-proclaimed national language - Singlish -  is unique in every way. We identify ourselves through our accents and distinct vocabulary. We’re able to spot a fellow Singaporean even from a mile away.



With words that originate from English, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and Tamil, Singlish has been unofficially termed Singapore’s national language. Words like “shiok”, “sabo” and “kiasu” have even made it to the Oxford English Dictionary. Though its usage is frowned upon by our school teachers and the mainstream media, Singlish is an essential part of our culture. Our need to shorten (“sabo” for sabotage and “abit” for a little bit) yet repeat everything we say twice (“mam mam” (eat) and “shee shee” (pee)) is contradicting and amusing.

Words like “lah” “lor” and “meh” are used to express a variety of emotions. From happiness to displeasure and confusion, Singlish relies heavily on accents to help us understand each other better. A somewhat exclusive yet easy language, Singlish is a symbol of our very culture - a melting pot of races, religions and ethnicities that come together to make living simpler and more enjoyable.



As we watch the spectacular fireworks and contingents march past this 9th August, let us be thankful for all the nostalgic memories that SEEM ordinary. Let us remember the times we played block catching with our neighbours, the times we spent belting the National Anthem during morning assemblies and the times we complained about Singapore but love it anyway. As we busy ourselves with new commitments and our explorations in the world beyond Singapore, let us remind ourselves of what makes us truly Singaporean and relive these traditions with families and friends before it’s too late. Happy National Day!


This post was inspired by the writer's personal experience, and in no way represents the collective opinion and view of wheniwasfour.

August 07, 2019 by Cherise Ang

innisfree x wheniwasfour

National Day 2019

As the nation celebrates its 54th birthday this August, wheniwasfour partners with Korean naturalism brand innisfree to bring you a set of unique Singaporean gifts, a giveaway contest and a pop-up special!


innisfree x wheniwasfour Collectibles

This August, innisfree customers can enjoy a special Gift with Purchase promotion at all innisfree Singapore stores! With a minimum spend of $68 in the month of August, customers will receive a set of limited-edition innisfree x wheniwasfour collectibles consisting of an inni-memories pouch and a set of three enamel pins. Specially created for Singapore’s 54th birthday, this innisfree x wheniwasfour collaboration aims to capture the nostalgic Singaporean childhood memory - one of fun, friendships and familiarity. 

The inni-memories pouch features a Gachapon machine and the childhood games of our yesteryears (paper airplanes, marbles, etc.), reminding us of the simplicity of life and the childlike wonder that withstands the test of time. The whimsical design depicts lively innisfree products having a ball of a time immersing in nature and at Singapore’s iconic dragon playground. 

The limited edition enamel pins are inspired by innisfree’s three top-selling skincare lines: Jeju Orchid, Green Tea and Volcanic Clay. These adorable pins come in different shapes, sizes and designs - bearing the emblems of the cultural melting pot we live in - and are representations of innisfree’s dedication to sharing the various benefits of nature with its customers. Get to know these fun-loving characters! 


A shy and gentle toddler, Orchidia enjoys reading about the world around her during her free time. Her favourite activity is exploring gardens and parks on weekends. She constantly surrounds herself with flora and fauna and aspires to be a botanist. With her easy-going nature, Orchidia’s parents admit that she is the easiest child to raise as they never feel worn-out nor tired taking care of her.


Nocha (녹차 (“nog-cha”) means green tea in Korean) is not your average teenager! A huge fan of team sports and teamwork, Nocha joined her school’s cheerleading squad the moment she saw an opening. Her optimism and bubbly disposition energises the people around her, making her well-liked by her peers. A sociable and earnest individual, she is popular and brings life to every party.


A knowledgeable and quick-thinking child, Ash is excellent at solving puzzles and playing video games. Ash's adventurous nature encourages him to spend most of his time exploring the streets and alleys of Singapore to look for his favourite dessert - molten chocolate lava cake. Ash dreams of being the world’s greatest food critic and pastry chef.


Pouches and enamel pins are limited in stock, head on down to any innisfree Singapore outlet to collect yours today!


Giveaway Contest

A special Guess the Number contest is here!



Stand a chance to win the exclusive innisfree x wheniwasfour NDP collectibles set by guessing the number of Green Tea Seed Serum bottles there are in the Gachapon machine! 1 collectibles set (Pouch and Pins) is up for grabs. Simply follow the instructions below to be a lucky winner!


You will have to:

  1. Follow @wheniwasfour_sg and @innisfreesingapore on Instagram
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  4. Leave your guess in the comment section by 6th August, 6pm.
  5. Tag a friend.


This giveaway contest will run from 30th July to 6th August 2019.

The winner of the giveaway contest will be announced on 7th August, 12pm on our Instagram page and contacted via his/her individual Instagram handle. Prizes are to be collected at our physical store.

Exclusive innisfree x wheniwasfour Pop-up Showcase at innisfree’s VivoCity Store

Taking place at innisfree’s VivoCity Store from 1 to 26 August, shoppers can feast their eyes on innisfree x wheniwasfour collectibles and wheniwasfour’s eclectic range of merchandise.


A selection of our cushion covers, socks, pins, coasters, necklaces, pouches, notebooks, earrings and tote bags will be available for sale at the pop-up across four weekends (3-4, 10-11, 17-18 and 24-25 August) from 11am to 9pm.



Innisfree’s storelist can be found here.


About innisfree 

 Korea’s representative naturalism beauty brand “innisfree” was launched in 2000. December 2005 marked the opening of its first brand shop located in Myeong-dong, downtown Seoul. Innisfree has enjoyed a consistent run of hit products since 2006 and expanded rapidly over the years. With million-selling products like its Green Tea Seed Serum and Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, innisfree had a total of 1,041 stores worldwide in January 2015. 

Innisfree continues to grow by releasing excellent products and maintaining its popularity based on the concept of naturalism. Using only reliable ingredients obtained from pure nature and the consistent perpetuation in eco-friendly green design, innisfree promises to stay environmentally sustainable in the pursuit of delivering beauty from nature to consumers.


July 30, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Meet the Bos - National Day Special!

In celebration of Singapore’s upcoming birthday, the Sumoborus are back with a Singaporean twist! With the new “Foodie” Ricebo, “YOLO” Chickybo and “Kan-chiong” FriedFishbo, the Bo family wishes Singapore a Happy 54th National Day!


Foodie | Organised | Well-read

Named the “foodie” of the group, Ricebo is the smallest Bo with the largest appetite! Just like any other growing teenage boy, Ricebo LOVES eating. He keeps an organised list of all the best hawker stalls in Singapore. You’ll know it’s Ricebo when you hear someone asking to 加饭 (add rice) at 菜贩 (mixed vegetable rice) stalls! Ricebo’s favourite activities include watching “mukbangs” and reading during his free time.


Daring | Determined | Genius

Chickybo is the YOLO bo - she constantly practises dangerous tricks and tries to fly like a bird. An avid fan of parkour and action stunts, Chickybo is often caught showing-off her new moves. On top of her active nature, Chickybo is also an engineering genius working on “Bo-wings”, a pair of solar-powered wings that will enable Bos to fly wherever and whenever they want.


Playful | Kan-chiong | Eco-conscious

The youngest Bo of all Bos, Friedfishbo is a playful kid who loves hanging out at playgrounds and parks with friends. Though seemingly young and innocent, beware of FriedFishbo’s temper, he’ll finish his arguments with a sizzle! A “kan-chiong” (anxious/eager) child who wants to prove his worth in the big Bo world, FriedFishbo is an excellent student who dreams of becoming an environmentalist to save the planet from global warming.


Adventurous | Curious | Modest

The “gung-ho” member of the Sumoboru family, Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer. She loves travelling around the world and immersing herself in various cultures. Always curious about traditional Singapore landmarks, you’ll find Crabbo exploring and snapping photos of “ulu” (deserted) parts of Singapore. This extrovert is secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.


Self-Confident | Stylish | Generous

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo. An extrovert who spends most of its time online shopping and queuing for trendy items, you’ll always catch Fishbo in line for the latest bubble tea or shoe releases! A “kiasu” (scared to lose) Singaporean who loves 1-for-1 deals, Fishbo is always scouring the net for new promo-codes. Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing the free gifts it collects with others.


Ambivert | Trendsetter | Popular

A renowned trendsetter of the Sumoboru world, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest internet trends and challenges. A lifestyle influencer and aspiring YouTube star, Cheesebo vlogs about a variety of topics. Her most popular video, “I tried being a Karang-Guni (rag-and-bone man) for a day” skyrocketed her to fame. This ambivert wishes to use her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness and shed more light on unique social issues in Singapore. 


Melancholic | Homebody | Calm

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. December is Mogubo’s favourite month - she gets to “clear (work) leave” and enjoy the rainy season. Besides playing with cats at HDB void decks, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.


Blur | Knowledgeable | Passionate

Sotongbo has been named “Blur Queen” by the group. Always distracted by her phone, the accident-prone Sotongbo has been caught walking into lamp posts and missing her MRT stops. When being laughed at, her favourite defence is “Act blur live longer!” Even though she is often in her own world, Sotongbo’s inquisitive nature has made her the most knowledgeable Bo. Currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion, Sotongbo holds the record of naming all stations on the circle line in less than a minute (probably because she misses her stop and familiarises herself with other stations so often).


Responsible | Protective | Caring

A chill and fun Bo to be around, Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. An introvert who loves spending time with family and friends, he is extremely protective and sensitive towards the feelings of others. Fuzobo often drives his fellow Bos around town, “blanjah”-ing (treating) them to good food and helping them carry their groceries. A caring and easy-going Bo, Fuzobo finds joy in helping others.


Sociable | Honest | Driven

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo’s specialty dish is his home-grilled Satay; He marinades and grills the flavourful skewers with the perfect meat to fat ratio. Beefbo overflows with joy when cooking for others. He dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay and having his own cooking show called “Let’s Get Beefy!” one day.


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All the best! Winners will be announced on our Instagram story on 2nd August.

Happy National Day! :-)


July 25, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Meet the Bos

The Sumoboru reside happily at Yong Tau Foo stalls all across Singapore. They love having a splashing good time in steamboats and bringing you Simple Happiness!


Sumoboru Fishbo

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo who always dresses to impress. An extrovert who spends most of its time online-shopping, Fishbo owns an impressive collection of shoes. You'll never catch Fishbo wearing the same pair of shoes twice when the Bos go gai gai! Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing things with others.


Sumoboru Crabbo

Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer, the personification of #Wanderlust.  Always curious, he loves venturing to new places and learning about the world. This extrovert is also secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.



Sumoboru Beefbo

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family who overflows with joy when cooking for others. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay one day and having his own cooking show called “Lets Get Beefy!”



Sumoboru Cheesebo

Xiao popz and a trendsetter, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest Internet trends and challenges. She is an ambivert who uses her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness. Want to know about the hottest promotion? Just hit her up in her DMs!



Sumoboru Sotongbo

Sotongbo may be a little blur, but she is the most knowledgeable Bo. When being laughed at, her favourite defense is: “Acting blur is actually a clever thing to do!” She is currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion among the Bos. An introvert at heart, Sotongbo is only in her element when she finds someone to geek out with.


Sumoboru Fuzobo

Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. Being an introvert, he is extremely protective and sensitive to the feelings of others. Seeing others happy makes him happy. Fuzobo frequently brings the other Bos to gai gai around our sunny island, treating them to delicious food and drinks.



Sumoboru Mogubo

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. Besides journaling about her feelings, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.

April 16, 2019 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam? (Part 2)

Previously on What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam, you were just walking towards the drink stall to grab some breakfast for yourself…

kaya toast kopi-o helping each other singapore 

Upon reaching the drinks stall you see 4 big toothy faces smile right at you, drink stall Uncle and Aunty, along with Mr. Lim Kopi and Ms Jenny Kaya Toast!

Seeing as you are still unsure on what to order, you bend forward to ask Mr. Lim Kopi for some suggestions. Ever the kind-hearted gentleman, Mr. Lim Kopi diverts the attention to Ms Jenny for her suggestion. Though you suspect that he is doing that only cause he has eyes for Jenny and is asking her as an excuse to talk to her.

Alas, Jenny does not even notice that Mr. Lim is looking at her. She eagerly tells you that of course you should order the Breakfast Set, as a hearty breakfast means the start of a good day! Unable to refuse the idea of a good kaya toast dipped in googy half-boiled eggs, you let the drinks stall Aunty and Uncle know of your breakfast order. Before leaving with your food, you pat Ms Jenny on her head and thank her. Out of the corner of your eye you see that she blushes and nearly falls over! Luckily Mr Lim is there to save the day, “I’ll always have your back, Jenny!”

You walk away thinking to yourself, “He definitely got her attention now.”

 kopi ga dai kopi kosong in singapore kopitiam

Finding a table and seat to have your breakfast, Kopi Ga Dai happily comes to join you at your table, dragging Kopi-O Gao along with him.

“Hello, you look absolutely radiant today, like you’re a super hero that can take on the whole world!” Kopi Ga Dai exclaims.

You replied: “Aww…You’re so sweet” and give him a stir.

Next to Kopi Ga Dai, Kopi-O Gao seems a little quiet so you ask him how is he feeling today. He replies tiredly: “Same old same old, I didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Why?” You ask.

“Well, I was up all night thinking about why we exist, why are some of us filled with more sugar than the others, why do some of us come in bags and some in cups…”

“errrrr…” Unsure on how to answer his existential questions you choose to keep quiet.

*awkward silence*

 milo dinosaur milo gozilla wheniwasfour super kopitiam heroes

You continue eating your breakfast as the awkward silence drags on, when out of nowhere Milo Dino and Milo Godzilla comes roaring in. “BOOYA!!!” These two, who recently found out that they are step brothers with the same father, have always been best buddies but are now closer than ever before. Staying true to their name, they love to go around terrorizing their peers with pranks, making everyone unsure if they love them or hate them, maybe both.

Milo Dino and Milo Godzilla share a sneaky smile between the both of them and suddenly they snatch the spoons of Kopi Ga Dai and Kopi-O Gao out of them and run away. Poor Kopi Ga Dai and Kopi-O Gao were shocked and proceed to chase after the Milo brothers.

 googy soft half boiled egg brothers cute

On the table next to yours, the Half Boiled Egg Brothers can’t help but laugh at the hilarious chasing scene. One of the egg say to the other: “See! We can have fun like the Milo Bros. We are brothers too, just like them!”

The other twin egg rolled his eyes and said: “Only you wanna be like those fools. I, for one will not stoop this low for pranks at the expense of others. Hmmp!”

The first twin nudge the other “EHHH Don’t be so dead lah, let’s have some fun!!”

Dismissing his twin with a “Tsk”, the second egg tries to get away from his twin but realize that he can’t leave the plate and lets out an exasperated sigh.

 singapore takeaway drink dabao bro

You chuckled at the Half Boiled Eggs’ conversation while you finish up your meal. Just as you are about the stand up and leave the table, your favourite Kopitiam Hero, Dabao Bro, floats in front of you and tries to get your attention.

“Hey hey! Did you have a good time here at the Super Kopitiam today? It’s my job to make sure all of our guests enjoy their visit!”

You assure Dabao Bro that you had a great time, and all the Kopitiam Heroes made your day. “This is why I love coming here for breakfast.”

Dabao Bro beams with happiness and say: “Want to dabao (takeaway) something home to have for later?”

“That’s such a good idea!” You replied.


[The End]


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