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It’s common to see people turning to their phones when they’re on their break time. Many choose to either watch a couple of videos on Youtube, or others choose to simply listen to music. But, what if we could combine the two? What if we could take the informational and interactive part of videos and mash it together with the ease and convenience of listening to music? What you’ll get is a podcast! Podcasts, as in-trend or hippie as they may sound, are actually great ways to pass time! Be it helping you rewind after a long day of work, or to provide some background noise as you work on an important project, podcasts don’t require as much attention compared to videos so you can take time to focus on yourself, or the task at hand! Here are some podcast channels we’d like to recommend:

*If you'd like to explore our podcast recommendations, simply click on the different headers or open Spotify and scan the Spotify codes in the images below~

For Self-Care and Reassurance: In Your Feelings by Thought Catalog

Well known on Instagram as @thoughtcatalog , this platform has finally started a podcast channel to help bring you a dose of motivation and teach you how to love yourself. Some of their podcasts’ content include how to thank yourself for what you’ve done and also to help remind yourself that it’s okay if you feel happy, sad, angry or disappointed! If you’re looking for a buddy that will support you and accept your emotions no matter what, this podcast will provide you with that exact support you might need!

spotify code for podcast in your feelings by thought catalog


To Help You Find Happiness: Happy Place

Happy Place is a podcast that explores people’s many different walks of life and discovers how they cope with their losses and disappointments to help themselves find happiness in their lives. In this podcast series, you can expect to learn how to find happiness not by distancing yourself for your environment, but instead, to cope with the difficulties and change your mindset to one that can put even the worst troubles in a good light! After all, when things get out of control, it’s always mind over matter~

spotify code for podcast happy place


For Your Daily Dose of Laughter and Information: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

After a long day of work, sometimes, the biggest craving is to just have a laugh and we completely understand that feeling! Which is why we recommend The Daily Show with Trevor Noah! Famous for his stand-up comedy performances, Trevor Noah is one to turn to for your daily dose of laughter. Laughter is the best medicine, so take this chance to relax those tense muscles and relieve your tension by laughing it away~

spotify code for podcast the daily show with trevor noah comedian


Your Daily Trivia Podcast: TED Talks Daily

If you’d been following our blog posts, you’d discover that we have been recommending many different TED talks and there’s a good reason why. TED is a platform full of inspiring and motivating individuals who all have a like-minded passion to share about what they love and to help others improve and learn as they themselves discover more and more everyday! With TED Talks Daily, you can expect podcasts with varying content ranging from current affairs to motivating and inspirational talks on how to always better ourselves!

spotify code for podcast informational ted talks daily


We hope that with this list of recommendations, you can start to explore the benefits that podcasts have to offer and even better, start to explore and find other podcasts that you’d enjoy as well!

January 22, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

Get ready for the HUAT season with these featured items!

新年快乐! (Happy New Year!) With Chinese New Year approaching steadily, we have many little ones eagerly waiting for the season of red packets and delicious new year snacks, while we have many adults nervously rushing around to finish their work and decorating their houses to welcome the onslaught of guests. That’s why, within this season of eager young hearts and busy adults, Wheniwasfour has compiled a list of featured products to make it easier for you to plan your decorations for the incoming huat season! Let’s get on with it~

Po Chai Pills Doormat

When welcoming visitors, the first thing they will notice is the entryway. Which is why we recommend our newly released Po Chai Pills Doormat! With it’s cute character always reminding you to seize the day and to do your best, it’s utterly impossible to resist! If the po chai pills design isn’t your exact cup of tea, we do have other doormat designs available too! For starters, there is our Pi Pa Gao Doormat and Baby Talk Series Doormats that both evoke the memories of our childhood of drinking that sweet cough syrup anytime our parents say that we’re heaty, or the lingo that our parents use with us when it’s time to “go downstairs gai gai~”

po chai pills door mat wheniwasfour pi pa gao door mat wheniwasfour sayang baby talk door mat wheniwasfour

Hawker Signboard Cushion Covers

To celebrate Singapore’s hawker heritage, our Hawker Signboard Cushion Covers will “confirm make you HUAT” By featuring our signature Singaporean delights, you can choose from our wide selection of different “stalls” to decide which you’d like to decorate your home with! But if the hawker signboard series isn’t your “bowl of ice kacang”, why not try our other series’! If you’d fancy something cute, we have our Porkbo Cushion Cover from the Sumoboru series, or maybe you’d like our Kopitiam Heroes Series if that’s your cup of ‘teh’~ If you’re eager to get our cushion covers, we have an ongoing promotion of getting 10% off your total purchase when you get 2 or more cushion covers! This deal only lasts till 8th February on our webstore and will end on 10th February purchases made in-store!

huat hawker stall cushion cover wheniwasfour
porkbo fortune sumoboru cushion cover wheniwasfourkaya toast kopi o cushion cover wheniwasfour

chinese new year cushion cover promotion niu wheniwasfour

Good Morning Mask and Mask Case Bundle

Due to the measures put in place by the government, it’s now mandatory to wear a mask when we go out. But, with the huat season, our plain blue masks just won’t do! Why not celebrate our Kopitiam uncles with our Good Morning Mask and Mask Case! With the minimal design, it’s definitely something that your relatives would find intriguing and it’s bound to help break the ice between you and any awkward distant relatives! If you’d prefer something more nostalgic, we also have our Chinese Composition Grid Mask featuring the iconic 小明 (Xiao Ming) and for our young ones, we also have the Singlish series where you can feature the infamous ending terms we use such as Lah, Lor, and Meh! Get a mask with a mask case at a bundle deal now~

good morning towel face mask case bundle wheniwasfourchinese composition grid paper face mask wheniwasfour

la ma llama kids face mask wheniwasfour lor meow cat kids face mask wheniwasfour meh sheep kids face mask wheniwasfour

Huat Noodles 2-Way Acrylic Earrings

We all know this budget meal that we’ve definitely eaten when we’re ‘broke’~ Instant noodles have always been one of our go-to supper or budget meals, especially paired with an egg or two, you have the staple instant noodle recipe that we Singaporeans love! Our Huat Noodles 2-Way Acrylic Earrings are a way for you to show your love for this supper delight, just without the calories! Also, with the removable backing, you can choose to dress up or down by wearing them with or without the noodles! But, if you’d fancy something simpler, we have a wide selection of Mama Shop Studs that you can choose from! Or maybe you’d prefer our Dangling Earrings?

instant noodle maggi stud 2 way acrylic earring wheniwasfour instant noodle maggi dangling 2 way acrylic earring wheniwasfour

mama shop studs acrylic earring wheniwasfour kiddy ride nostalgic acrylic dangling earring wheniwasfour

With that, we hope that you enjoy our recommendations! But also, we hope that you remember to keep in mind the distancing measures and stay safe! After all, you can’t fully enjoy the huat season if you’re unwell~

January 18, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

Yay, it's Phase 3! Activities you might enjoy this new season | Simple Life Simple Happiness

Woohoo! It’s finally phase 3! Although we might be late to celebrate the start of this new phase, we’re still just as excited to go out with our friends and family! But, with the many activities available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding what to do. Which is why we have come up with a few suggestions we think you might enjoy! Let’s get on with it~

Family Day Out

For families, deciding where to go may be a tough decision, especially with the conflict of interest within family members. Which is why a shopping mall is a great place for family hangouts! Shopping malls such as Serangoon Nex, City Square Mall or 313@Somerset are great areas for families who want to shop for apparel and gadgets while also having a place for their young ones to run around and have a bit of fun!

Exploring Our Landmarks

Although as Singaporeans, it’s a wonder how many of us haven’t been to Singapore’s many attractions! From the Universal Studios theme park to Gardens by the Bay, there are many wonderful attractions for us to explore or even re-visit to relive our childhood! Especially now with social distancing measures being put into place, attractions are now not as crowded as they would be! 

Exploring Our Local Scene

We’ve heard of those small, cozy prop shops in Taiwan or Korea, but did you know? Singapore is home to countless local businesses, from cafes to lifestyle goods! Some places where you can find such shops are Bugis, Joo Chiat, Jalan Besar and Tiong Bahru! Or even, choose a train station and just alight and explore what the place has to offer! 

digital illustration of a gameboy and a chinese verse about beautiful childhood memories being pleasant

We hope that even though the rules allow for a larger gathering than before, everyone keeps in mind the distancing measures and keeps safe! After all, good things are only worth enjoying if everyone is happy and healthy~


The image above can now be downloaded as a wallpaper! Click on the image below to download~

phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of a gameboy and a chinese verse about beautiful childhood memories being pleasant image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of a gameboy and a chinese verse about beautiful childhood memories being pleasant

January 15, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

Attaining your personal success with the right goals! | Devotional

Sometimes, we feel as if we are on the wrong path and we question what we are doing. But mainly the reason why we feel like this, is because what we’re currently doing is not helping us achieve the objective that we want to reach. In today’s TED talk by engineer, John Doerr, we find out the secret to setting the right goals to help us attain our personal success.

Currently, many of us either haven’t set goals yet or do not feel that the goals that we have set doesn’t bring us much purpose. Well, the key to setting the right goals is actually to ask yourself first, “Why?” By asking yourself “why?” you actually bind yourself to your passions and to your purpose through giving a piece of something you care about to your goals. When you know that you’re striving for an achievement in a field or hobby that you’re passionate about, this passion will be the core of what drives you and what motivates you to press on even when things get tough!

Next, we need to find out our objectives, which are mainly significant, action-oriented and inspiring. They are the end in line that we see. When setting objectives, it’s important to make sure that they’re attainable so that when you’re working towards it, you have an end in mind and that you can picture yourself having already achieved that goal! 

Finally, we need to think about the “How?” They are the key results. Good results are often specific & time bound, aggressive yet realistic and measurable & verifiable. Being specific and time-bound means that you need to set a goal that targets a specific area and you need to give yourself a frame of time to attain it within. By being aggressive yet realistic in your goals, you push yourself to newer heights by constantly challenging yourself and asking yourself, “can i do better?” Chances are, you definitely can! Next, by having measurable and verifiable results, you’re able to see the work that you’ve put in and you’re able to see what you’ve been able to achieve with this hard work that you’ve devoted to your goals! 

digital illustration of a chinese verse about leaving the starting line in order to finish with a hand throwing a paper aeroplane drawing

With this, we hope that you have learnt the secret on how to set the right goals so that you are able to attain that personal success that you have in mind, but one thing to always remember, there’s no way you can get to the end in mind without leaving the starting line, so take action today as everyday is always a chance for you to start your race~


The image above is now downloadable as a wallpaper! Click on it below to download~

phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of a chinese verse about leaving the starting line in order to finish with a hand throwing a paper aeroplane drawing image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of a chinese verse about leaving the starting line in order to finish with a hand throwing a paper aeroplane drawing

January 11, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

It's Back to School Week! | Simple Life Simple Happiness

Happy first week of 2021! As we go back to work or school after a long weekend or holiday, it’s easy to feel the monday blues. But one thing is for certain, we can’t let this mood drag us down and cause us to not be productive and do well! It's that "New Year, New Me" season after all, so let's get out of this cycle of procrastination with these simple tips that can help you be more productive and get more work done in a day! Let’s get our grind on!

When doing work, “Do Not Disturb” is a godsend

Many users may be familiar with the function, “do not disturb”. For those who aren’t, it’s a function that can actually mute the notifications you receive on your phone! What you can do for when you go to work is to schedule for it to turn on during your working hours so you never get distracted from that important report or presentation you were working on! 

A Pomodoro timer is just the tool to get your super saiyan mode on

Named after a tomato (fun fact: pomodoro means tomato in Italian!) The pomodoro technique is all about putting in your 100% focus for intervals of time and taking short breaks in between these intervals! One example may be doing work without distractions for 45 minutes, followed by a 5-10 minute break. After completing 4 cycles, you can choose to reward yourself with a slightly longer break of 15-30 minutes, or just continue with the cycle so you ride on the groove you’ve got! It’s amazing how much work you can get done with this technique! For anyone with a phone, it’s easy to use this function with the timer function! So there’s no excuse to not do work now~

Screen time is the firewall for scrolling through addictive social media posts

Many of us have experienced losing track of time scrolling through our Instagram, or maybe Tik Tok nowadays. But as much as it may be interesting, it’s important to know when to stop and when to go back to doing work! Which is why phones now come with a screen time function for you to limit your mobile phone usage to prevent it from getting in the way of your work. Simply set it up as a time limit so you get a soft reminder to get back to work, or schedule for your phone to block certain applications during working hours so you won’t be able to use those addictive social media applications now! 

digital illustration of chinese quote about new year new day new journey with a bear holding pom poms and fireworks

We hope that with these simple tips that you can put into place with just the basic functions on your phone, you can start to get into the grind and stop this cycle of procrastination or getting easily distracted! Let’s get this bread :)

The image above can now be downloaded as a wallpaper! Click on it below to download~

phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of chinese quote about new year new day new journey with a bear holding pom poms and fireworks image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of chinese quote about new year new day new journey with a bear holding pom poms and fireworks

January 08, 2021 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

2020: A year in review | Devotional

2020 has been pretty interesting, to say the least. It’s the year of many new experiences, from schooling or working from home, to not being able to go out for at least 3 months, it’s definitely a year that’ll go down in history. But with all these experiences to talk and think about, it’s hard to imagine what 2021 would be like, especially with things being so unpredictable now. Which is why, Wheniwasfour has prepared a bunch of questions for reflection and to help you determine your goals for the upcoming year so no matter what, you won't lose your direction. 

For 2020:

  • What is the most important lesson you learned this year?
  • What was your favourite moment?
  • How did you have fun?
  • What is something new you discovered about yourself?

For 2021:

  • What is your intention for the next year?
  • What do you want to change completely?
  • What will you do to step out of your comfort zone?
  • How will you make next year matter?

 digital illustration of a chinese verse about a new day cheer up smooth sailing dont be sad

As we approach a new year, many things are left to be wondered about, especially how we would progress from this situation. But, as what they say, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, we should just focus on being happy today rather than worrying about what’s uncertain or can’t be controlled! Only when you let go of your worries, will you truly have a great and fulfilling day~ You can do it so press on and fight on, fellow Dream Chaser!


The image above can now be used as a wallpaper! Click on the image below to download~

phone wallpaper of a digital illustration with chinese verse about a new day cheer up smooth sailing dont be sad image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of a chinese verse about a new day cheer up smooth sailing dont be sad

December 30, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

Peace, Love and Simple Happiness is all you need this Christmas | Devotional

In times like these, it’s easy to lose yourself to the temptation of shopping for online deals, sales and promotions and sometimes, it can get too much, to the point where we get overwhelmed by the amount of things we buy and have to store. In today’s TED talk, we explore the concept of “Less is more”  with writer and designer Graham Hill and discover how it may actually lead you onto the road to happiness.

 digital illustration of a chinese verse about being a happy person and spreading happiness wheniwasfour

Most of us have at some time experience the joy of having less. Be it staying at a dormitory, on a vacation or camping out in the wilderness. It’s established that less stuff means you occupy less space but did you know that by buying less, you can reduce your footprint? Here are some ways you can learn to cut down on some of those possessions of yours that you haven't touched in ages. 

  • Edit Ruthlessly
  • You know that shirt of yours that has been in your wardrobe for a long time and you “haven’t” found the occasion to wear it? Sometimes, you just have to cut away these things that take up space which could be used to store other items that could be more meaningful for you! Sentiment may be sweet, but when it’s time to let go, it’s time to let go.


  • Think Long-term
  • Think before you buy, does that truly make me happy? Will it actually bring purpose to me? Will it add to my happiness? We all like to buy, own and love great things, but the important thing is we also want to love these things for years to come! So we need to consider if this love for the item would actually last for as long as we want it to.

  • Make Functional and Be Flexible
  • Sometimes, all you need may be just your imagination! When purchasing items, think about how many different uses for the item you would have and which ones you would actually use. For example, when buying clothing, opt for something you would be able to mix and match with your wardrobe on the daily, rather than a special dress for an occasion that comes only once in a blue moon! In this case, more purpose means more happiness because it means you would have to worry less about what else you need to get to serve those other functions. 

    As the year approaches to an end, maybe it might be time to do some life editing. Look through your possessions and find out what would fit the above for you and think about how much happiness it would bring you! In this Christmas season, with all the gifts, sometimes, it may get a little overwhelming. So why not give a small card instead! A picture speaks a thousand words, and coupled together with your words of love, you have an eternal memento to give your friends, something small but with much purpose~ 

    The illustration above can be downloaded as a wallpaper! Click on the image below to download~ 

    phone wallpaper of a digital illustration of a chinese verse about being a happy person and spreading happiness wheniwasfour image of a phone with its wallpaper being a digital illustration of a chinese verse about being a happy person and spreading happiness wheniwasfour


    We have a set of 12 Chinese Verse Cards inspired by our digital illustrations from our Instagram which can help you convey the perfect sentiment~!


    image of a person holding chinese verse illustration cards

    December 24, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

    A Jolly Sumo Christmas (Part 2) | Sumoboru Adventures

    digital illustration of sumoboru family gathering on zoom to celebrate christmas


    Recap: “Now that everyone’s here, let’s start the party!”

    “So firstly, as the ones in-charge of planning this party, we’d like to thank you all for being able to make it! It’s definitely been a tough year for all of us not being able to meet for such a long time. We’ve missed you all and it’s really heartwarming to finally see all of us together, even though it’s only on a zoom call!” Kani and Kama stated as some chimed in agreement while the rest nodded their heads.


    “Now, prior to this, y’all should have drawn names to find out your santee within your respective groups. We hope you have your presents near you so you can give them to your santee now!” Kani announced, referring to the Secret Santa game that they had organised for the Sumoboru family prior to the party. “So how it’ll go is, you’ll first give the gift to your Santee, then say one thing new that you’ve learnt or discovered in this year. Kani will start off first!” Kama continued.


    “So, my Santee is our dear Nasu with his model-like features! I hope you like your gift! In this year, one thing I’ve learnt is that after staying at home for so long, no matter how many times siblings may quarrel or bicker, we will always have each other’s back! Now, I pick So So!” Kani replied in response while Nasu in the background, blushed at the compliment.


    “So for me, my Santee is Kama, and in this year I’ve learnt that in life, we can’t always wait for the right moment to come! Sometimes, it’s better to just 豆 (do) it! I pick our big bro, Fuzubo, to go next !” So So shared, not forgetting his infamous habit of making puns. 


    “Oh me? Hmmm, I think one thing I’ve learnt is that in this time, even though we might be miles apart, our hearts always remain close and there are always other ways to show that you care for the people you love. Oh yes! And my Santee is our dear youngest, Friedfishbo who I’d like to go next!” Fuzubo responded.


    “My Santee is this Crab-claw here, Crabbo. And one thing I’ve discovered in this year is that staying indoors may not be as boring as it may seem! Anywhere can be fun as long as you view things positively! Next, I pick big bro Fishbo!” Friedfishbo answered as the rest of the Sumoboru family (other than Crabbo) cooed at his answer.


    “For me, my Santee is my dear TikTok partner-in-crime, Cheesebo and in this year I think, because I have been hanging out with Cheesebo so much, and we’ve all been bored with nothing to do at home, I’ve learnt the simple happiness of just learning something small like a dance and succeeding in pulling it off! Which is why, I’d like Cheesebo to go next!” Fishbo responded


    “I’m glad you feel that way Fishbo! My Santee is Beefbo who has been cooking many good meals for us during this time! It may sound small, but I’ve discovered the simple joy of using TikTok and I’ve since made countless ones on my account! I can’t wait for everything to get better so we can all come together to film one! Oh yes! I pick my dear Santee, Beefbo to go next!”Cheesebo excitedly shared as the rest chuckled in amusement.


    “Hahaha, thank you for the compliment Cheesebo! I’ll gladly cook for any of you anytime! I think one thing I’ve learnt this year is to be flexible! Because supermarkets were constantly out of stock this year, I’ve learnt to substitute ingredients and also accomodate to certain tastes! Moving on, I think Ricebo is looking a little antsy to give his present. Why don’t you go next!” Beefbo proudly shared.


    “Yay! It’s my turn now, my Santee is our queen of trivia, Sotongbo! I’ve been hanging out with her more and I’ve learnt that although there might be those who are quiet, it doesn’t mean they aren’t listening! Sotongbo has been a great listener and giver of advice to my troubles of not being able to eat out as often these days. That’s why I’d like her to go next!” Ricebo exclaimed.


    “Oh me? Oh yes, my Santee is umm… Chickybo! I’ve been grinding and improving on my sense of direction and Chickybo has always been there to help me! Especially while helping to deliver Grandfood orders, Chickybo has always tried his best to remain by my side to help me with my directions and finding the destination! It’s all thanks to him that I’ve learnt so much more about Singapore! Next, I’d like our dear Mogubo who has been enjoying this rainy season in December to go next!” Sotongbo, feeling a sense of accomplishment, proudly shared.


    Yawn~ My Santee is the smallest in our family, Ricebo! I’ve discovered a new hobby of mine, which is to watch mukbangs, especially when I feel especially hungry! After working from home for most of this year, I’ve learnt that when I look at others eat, it makes me feel full too, as if I’m there in person, eating with them! Which is why now in the middle of my nap, if I ever feel hungry, I would just grab a small meal and watch a mukbang! It’s all thanks to Ricebo for introducing mukbangs to me! Hmm, I think i’ll pick Crabbo to go next!” Mogubo bubbled proudly.


    “Thank you Mogubo for picking me! So, my Santee is our dear big brother, Fuzubo! Thank you for looking after all of us and taking the time to check up on all of us throughout this year! I’ve learnt this year that teamwork makes the dream work! I’ve always liked travelling solo, and this year took a toll on my spirit since it was hard not being able to explore and discover. It’s all thanks to Fuzubo and Friedfishbo who have been by my side, recommending me virtual events that I was able to quell my itchy feet! It’s also helped me learn that travelling doesn’t have to always mean going outside, but it can also be done virtually, especially with technology’s advancement at this point in time! With that, I pick Chickybo to go next!” Crabbo beamed, sharing a grateful glance at her housemates.


    “My Santee is Mogubo! I would say that this year, I’ve learnt that sometimes, appearances aren’t everything! I used to think that just because Mogubo had extremely different interests and hobbies, we wouldn’t click. But that’s not the case at all! When I was stuck cooped up at home trying to perform tricks, I was scolded countless times for almost breaking something. Mogubo however, took the time to sit down and talk to me, and listen to my complaints about not being able to go out or perform my tricks at home! Thank you Mogubo!” Chickybo gratefully thanked Mogubo, who turned red at the praise. “Next, I pick Ya Ya!” Chickybo continued.


    “Hmph, I wanted to go after Nasu, but anyways, my Santee is my dear brother here with his puns. It was hard finding a gift for you but luckily, with the help of a gift guide I found online, I managed to find a gift for you so I hope you like it! This year, I’ve discovered something new about myself! I’ve found out that if I stand under the sun more, my stem can grow longer, giving me beautiful, luscious leaves- Ahem. Moving on, I pick Nasu here to go next!” Ya Ya rattled on in excitement before stopping herself.


    “So for me, my Santee is coincidentally Ya Ya… In this year, I’ve learnt that we should always expect the unexpected and that we should always be adaptable to our surroundings… I pick Kama to go next...” Shy Nasu softly spoke, handing his present over to a star-struck Ya Ya.


    “Leaving me to end it off with a bang huh? Well, the honour’s mine! My Santee is my dear twin, Kani! It was really hard keeping it a secret, I almost got caught countless times! This year, I’ve learnt that we only have the present moment to live in! The past has already gone and the future is uncertain! What we can do now is to live in the moment and do the best we can! Especially since Kani and I have been planning hard for the parties we want to hold next year for everyone!” Kama excitedly shared before continuing, “Now, Dubu, you weren’t able to participate in the game because you were busy with your concert tour, but would you like to share what you’ve learnt this year too?”


    “Even though I wasn’t able to take part in the Secret Santa game, I'd still like to say that in this year, I’ve learnt that tough times don’t last, but tough people do! Just like how I know I have my eternal flame of determination burning in me, I will be sure to knock down challenges with a kickin’ scream!” Dubu said, eyes blazing like the fire within him.


    “And that should be all! Thank you all for coming for today’s party! Just remember that this year may have been a hard year on all of us, but after the thunderstorm, there’ll always be a bright sky! It’s only going to get better from here and the future is always uncertain! We can do this and let’s do our best to create the future we want~” Kani and Kama concluded as the rest of the Sumoboru family cheered in response.


    The illustration above can be downloaded as a colouring page for some added Christmas fun~ Click on the image below to download!

    colouring page for digital illustration of sumoboru family gathering on zoom to celebrate christmas

    December 24, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

    A Jolly Sumo Christmas (Part 1) | Sumoboru Adventures

    digital illustration of sumoboru bos spending christmas in snow with the soya sides


    On a warm cozy evening, “ding!” The sound of a familiar ringtone rang from a computer. It was Christmas and some of the Sumoboru Sides have gathered together to celebrate it together with the Sumoboru Bos on a zoom call. Sibling-twin duo So So, Ya Ya, Kani and Kama squeezed in front of the camera to try to get the attention of the audience as shy Nasu stood at the back, trying his best to avoid the vying questions of the Bos. 

    “Ding!”, “Ding!”, “Ding!” The ringtone slowly repeated itself as more and more of the Sumoboru family entered the zoom call. 

    “Hellooo! Merry Christmas and long time no see! How are all of you? I’ve missed you all!” an excited Kani shouted into the computer microphone. 

    “Hello! Long time no see, we’ve all definitely missed you! We’re doing great, especially these two here. They have too much stored energy from not being able to go out much for the past months.” Big brother Fuzobo, with his dark eye bags, replied as he pointed to FriedFishbo and Crabbo bickering in the background. 

    “Oh no Fuzobo, I hope you’ll be able to get more rest when we can go out more! We’ve missed going out with all of you, especially to the sauna. We could really use a spa day! With all the work that we have to do at home, it’s a wonder why we haven’t gone crazy yet!” Beefbo exclaimed while behind him, Fishbo and Cheesebo being the influencers they are, were filming a tiktok.

    “Recently, we have been trying out a new part-time job delivering food for ‘Grandfood’! A really eye-opening experience it was! Now we know how hard it is for those Grandfood drivers to deliver food during this time, especially with everyone staying at home. The orders we could receive in a day was more than overwhelming!” Ricebo shared about his experience as Chickybo, Mogubo and Sotongbo nodded in the back. 

    “Anyways, now that we’re all here-'' Kama started, “wait! Where’s Dubu?” Someone interrupted. And at that moment, a loud song intro played.

    “DUN. DUNDUN. DUN. MY ONE AND ETERNAL LOVE, SUAN LA FEN KEEPS THE FIRE BURNING IN ME…” Dubu’s grand entrance shocked everyone with it’s loud music and visual effects at the camera. “Yo everyone. What’s up.” Dubu greeted in a monotone voice contrary to his introduction. 

    “Hello Dubu and thank you for scaring the filling out of all of us as always. Anyways, now that we’re all here, let’s start with our Christmas party!” Kama continued from where he left off. 

    "Woohoo!" Everyone exclaimed.

    To be continued~

    December 21, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour

    Simple Life, Simple Happiness | Local shops to explore this jolly season

    Christmas is just a week away, which means many of us might be scrambling around looking for presents at the last minute. But do not worry! Wheniwasfour has compiled a small guide for you to help you hopefully find a present that would be great for your loved ones~

    Cat Socrates 

    Living up to their name, Cat Socrates has cats in their store and they are super cute! Previously at Bras Basah Complex, they have since moved to the Tiong Bahru area, where you can spot their parisian-like storefront. Cat Socrates has many different novelty items from their wide selection of plants and cat-inspired living items to stickers and bags stocked by other illustrators both local and overseas so you’ll sure be spoilt for choice when you come down to our store!

    image of a retail store called cat socrates

    image by cat socrates via.

    By Appointment Only

    For anyone who is a streetwear fan, By Appointment Only is a store not to be missed! This store is started by graphic designer and illustrator, Lydia Yang (@oakandbindi on Instagram) so you can be sure their designs are gonna blow our minds away! Located at Tanjong Pagar, this store, by its name, requires you to make an appointment before visiting. So why not book one now and go on down to view their wide range of locally designed apparel that your friend will definitely love!

    image of a retail store called by appointment only

    image by by appointment only via.


    The Delgnat Co

    Recently, scrunchies have been all the rave and we know why. Who wouldn’t love hair ties that look cute and at the same time, won’t crease your hair? We know we do! Started in April 2020, this new startup is slowly gaining recognition for their hand-sewn and hand-made items that are both cute and practical. One fun fact about them is that the fabric that they use for their themed scrunchies are all licensed so you know that these hair accessories you’ll be getting are of good quality! We’re excited to see how The Delgnat Co would grow in the future!

    image of the delgnat co scrunchie product

    image by the delgnat co. via.


    Laugh And Belly

    Laugh and Belly is the brainchild of Tan Si Qi, with their a-pun-dance of Singaporean inspired puns, they bring joy wherever or to whoever their cards are given to. Their many cute puns are coupled with matching illustrations available as prints, cards, stickers or pins so there’s a whole lot of ideas for ways to give them as gifts! With these cute gifts, you’ll definitely rescue anyone on the naughty list from Santa’s pun-ishment!

    image of product by laugh and belly

    image by laugh and belly via.


    The Enchanted Cafe

    Living up to its name, The Enchanted Cafe is filled with decorations mirroring a world somewhat like that of tinkerbell’s universe. Open for 24 hours, this cafe is great for even a midnight cafe hopping adventure. Especially with their cold brew and small bites, you’ll never feel sleepy there so you can talk to your friends all night long!

    image of interior of the enchanted cafe

    image by the enchanted cafe via.


    Annabelle Patisserie

    Famous locally for their macarons, Annabelle Patisserie has come a long, long way from their initial pop-up shops islandwide. Located now at Bukit Batok, this bakery boasts a wide selection of adorably designed macarons that can easily suit any occasion! With 40 flavours that all complement each other well, you can never go wrong with choosing a box for your friends or family!

    image of macarons from annabella patisserie

    image by annabella patisserie via.


    The Social Space


    For the socially conscious friend, the social space is not just a small retail shop that sells clothing and living necessities made with ethically sourced ingredients, they also have a counter where you can get your daily health fix with their toasts, smoothie bowls, pastries and cold brew! One thing also to note is that they also have a nail salon and workshops available so you can grab a buddy, book an appointment and learn more about being socially conscious together! How fun does spending quality time together with your best bud while learning something new sound? Pretty good, we say!

    image of a retail store called the social space

    image by the social space via.


    Last but not least, we’d also like to feature our new shop at Bras Basah! After a gruelling week of packing, unpacking and furnishing the whole place, we’re happy to open our doors to you this Christmas season from now till 24 December to help you with your last minute Christmas shopping! Now with increased opening hours on Sundays from 12.30 to 5.30pm, you can come down and have a look around after your Sunday brunch~

    image of store interior wheniwasfour

    Even though Christmas may be called the season of giving, it’s not necessary to give a present! Be it giving your attention and time to stay home and celebrate with your loved ones or going out for a nice meal with your friends, always being present in the moment is good enough as a gift! After all, it's the thought that counts~

    December 18, 2020 by Celine Chin Wheniwasfour