Meet the Bos - National Day Special!

In celebration of Singapore’s upcoming birthday, the Sumoborus are back with a Singaporean twist! With the new “Foodie” Ricebo, “YOLO” Chickybo and “Kan-chiong” FriedFishbo, the Bo family wishes Singapore a Happy 54th National Day!


Foodie | Organised | Well-read

Named the “foodie” of the group, Ricebo is the smallest Bo with the largest appetite! Just like any other growing teenage boy, Ricebo LOVES eating. He keeps an organised list of all the best hawker stalls in Singapore. You’ll know it’s Ricebo when you hear someone asking to 加饭 (add rice) at 菜贩 (mixed vegetable rice) stalls! Ricebo’s favourite activities include watching “mukbangs” and reading during his free time.


Daring | Determined | Genius

Chickybo is the YOLO bo - she constantly practises dangerous tricks and tries to fly like a bird. An avid fan of parkour and action stunts, Chickybo is often caught showing-off her new moves. On top of her active nature, Chickybo is also an engineering genius working on “Bo-wings”, a pair of solar-powered wings that will enable Bos to fly wherever and whenever they want.


Playful | Kan-chiong | Eco-conscious

The youngest Bo of all Bos, Friedfishbo is a playful kid who loves hanging out at playgrounds and parks with friends. Though seemingly young and innocent, beware of FriedFishbo’s temper, he’ll finish his arguments with a sizzle! A “kan-chiong” (anxious/eager) child who wants to prove his worth in the big Bo world, FriedFishbo is an excellent student who dreams of becoming an environmentalist to save the planet from global warming.


Adventurous | Curious | Modest

The “gung-ho” member of the Sumoboru family, Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer. She loves travelling around the world and immersing herself in various cultures. Always curious about traditional Singapore landmarks, you’ll find Crabbo exploring and snapping photos of “ulu” (deserted) parts of Singapore. This extrovert is secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.


Self-Confident | Stylish | Generous

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo. An extrovert who spends most of its time online shopping and queuing for trendy items, you’ll always catch Fishbo in line for the latest bubble tea or shoe releases! A “kiasu” (scared to lose) Singaporean who loves 1-for-1 deals, Fishbo is always scouring the net for new promo-codes. Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing the free gifts it collects with others.


Ambivert | Trendsetter | Popular

A renowned trendsetter of the Sumoboru world, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest internet trends and challenges. A lifestyle influencer and aspiring YouTube star, Cheesebo vlogs about a variety of topics. Her most popular video, “I tried being a Karang-Guni (rag-and-bone man) for a day” skyrocketed her to fame. This ambivert wishes to use her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness and shed more light on unique social issues in Singapore. 


Melancholic | Homebody | Calm

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. December is Mogubo’s favourite month - she gets to “clear (work) leave” and enjoy the rainy season. Besides playing with cats at HDB void decks, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.


Blur | Knowledgeable | Passionate

Sotongbo has been named “Blur Queen” by the group. Always distracted by her phone, the accident-prone Sotongbo has been caught walking into lamp posts and missing her MRT stops. When being laughed at, her favourite defence is “Act blur live longer!” Even though she is often in her own world, Sotongbo’s inquisitive nature has made her the most knowledgeable Bo. Currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion, Sotongbo holds the record of naming all stations on the circle line in less than a minute (probably because she misses her stop and familiarises herself with other stations so often).


Responsible | Protective | Caring

A chill and fun Bo to be around, Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. An introvert who loves spending time with family and friends, he is extremely protective and sensitive towards the feelings of others. Fuzobo often drives his fellow Bos around town, “blanjah”-ing (treating) them to good food and helping them carry their groceries. A caring and easy-going Bo, Fuzobo finds joy in helping others.


Sociable | Honest | Driven

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo’s specialty dish is his home-grilled Satay; He marinades and grills the flavourful skewers with the perfect meat to fat ratio. Beefbo overflows with joy when cooking for others. He dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay and having his own cooking show called “Let’s Get Beefy!” one day.


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Giveaway Contest

Running from 25th to 31st July (7PM), a special NDP giveaway will be available for all! Try our new Sumoboru Personality Quiz on our Instagram Highlights now!


3 lucky participants will walk away with our NDP collection consisting of a Durian Fishbo Pin, Fancy Gem Fishbo Pin, Ice Cream Sandwich Fishbo keychain and Kueh Lapis Fishbo keychain!


To enter the Instagram giveaway contest, participants must:

1. Complete the NDP Sumoboru Personality Quiz

2. Take a screenshot of their results

3. Post it on their Instagram account* by 31st July (7PM)

4. Include the hashtag #sgsumoborutest

5. Tag @wheniwasfour_sg and @sumoboru


*Please ensure that your account's privacy settings have been set to public for us to view your post! Do note that Instagram story submissions will not be accepted.

All the best! Winners will be announced on our Instagram story on 2nd August.

Happy National Day! :-)


July 25, 2019 by Cherise Ang

Meet the Bos

The Sumoboru reside happily at Yong Tau Foo stalls all across Singapore. They love having a splashing good time in steamboats and bringing you Simple Happiness!


Sumoboru Fishbo

Fishbo is the most self-confident Bo who always dresses to impress. An extrovert who spends most of its time online-shopping, Fishbo owns an impressive collection of shoes. You'll never catch Fishbo wearing the same pair of shoes twice when the Bos go gai gai! Despite its shopaholic tendencies, Fishbo is a kind and generous Bo who loves sharing things with others.


Sumoboru Crabbo

Crabbo is a brave and adventurous explorer, the personification of #Wanderlust.  Always curious, he loves venturing to new places and learning about the world. This extrovert is also secretly a history expert, but doesn’t want other Bos to know.



Sumoboru Beefbo

Beefbo is the talkative master chef of the family who overflows with joy when cooking for others. He is straightforward, honest and always looking for someone to talk to. Beefbo dreams of meeting Gordon Ramsay one day and having his own cooking show called “Lets Get Beefy!”



Sumoboru Cheesebo

Xiao popz and a trendsetter, Cheesebo is always participating in the latest Internet trends and challenges. She is an ambivert who uses her highly popular social platforms to spread simple happiness. Want to know about the hottest promotion? Just hit her up in her DMs!



Sumoboru Sotongbo

Sotongbo may be a little blur, but she is the most knowledgeable Bo. When being laughed at, her favourite defense is: “Acting blur is actually a clever thing to do!” She is currently the longest reigning trivia quiz champion among the Bos. An introvert at heart, Sotongbo is only in her element when she finds someone to geek out with.


Sumoboru Fuzobo

Fuzobo is the big brother to all Bos. Being an introvert, he is extremely protective and sensitive to the feelings of others. Seeing others happy makes him happy. Fuzobo frequently brings the other Bos to gai gai around our sunny island, treating them to delicious food and drinks.



Sumoboru Mogubo

Mogubo loves little corners and gloomy days. Her favourite moment is the split second before a storm hits, when everything seems to stop in motion and the world around her is drenched in melancholy. Besides journaling about her feelings, her favourite activity is staying in to sleep all day.

April 16, 2019 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam? (Part 2)

Previously on What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam, you were just walking towards the drink stall to grab some breakfast for yourself…

kaya toast kopi-o helping each other singapore 

Upon reaching the drinks stall you see 4 big toothy faces smile right at you, drink stall Uncle and Aunty, along with Mr. Lim Kopi and Ms Jenny Kaya Toast!

Seeing as you are still unsure on what to order, you bend forward to ask Mr. Lim Kopi for some suggestions. Ever the kind-hearted gentleman, Mr. Lim Kopi diverts the attention to Ms Jenny for her suggestion. Though you suspect that he is doing that only cause he has eyes for Jenny and is asking her as an excuse to talk to her.

Alas, Jenny does not even notice that Mr. Lim is looking at her. She eagerly tells you that of course you should order the Breakfast Set, as a hearty breakfast means the start of a good day! Unable to refuse the idea of a good kaya toast dipped in googy half-boiled eggs, you let the drinks stall Aunty and Uncle know of your breakfast order. Before leaving with your food, you pat Ms Jenny on her head and thank her. Out of the corner of your eye you see that she blushes and nearly falls over! Luckily Mr Lim is there to save the day, “I’ll always have your back, Jenny!”

You walk away thinking to yourself, “He definitely got her attention now.”

 kopi ga dai kopi kosong in singapore kopitiam

Finding a table and seat to have your breakfast, Kopi Ga Dai happily comes to join you at your table, dragging Kopi-O Gao along with him.

“Hello, you look absolutely radiant today, like you’re a super hero that can take on the whole world!” Kopi Ga Dai exclaims.

You replied: “Aww…You’re so sweet” and give him a stir.

Next to Kopi Ga Dai, Kopi-O Gao seems a little quiet so you ask him how is he feeling today. He replies tiredly: “Same old same old, I didn’t sleep much last night.”

“Why?” You ask.

“Well, I was up all night thinking about why we exist, why are some of us filled with more sugar than the others, why do some of us come in bags and some in cups…”

“errrrr…” Unsure on how to answer his existential questions you choose to keep quiet.

*awkward silence*

 milo dinosaur milo gozilla wheniwasfour super kopitiam heroes

You continue eating your breakfast as the awkward silence drags on, when out of nowhere Milo Dino and Milo Godzilla comes roaring in. “BOOYA!!!” These two, who recently found out that they are step brothers with the same father, have always been best buddies but are now closer than ever before. Staying true to their name, they love to go around terrorizing their peers with pranks, making everyone unsure if they love them or hate them, maybe both.

Milo Dino and Milo Godzilla share a sneaky smile between the both of them and suddenly they snatch the spoons of Kopi Ga Dai and Kopi-O Gao out of them and run away. Poor Kopi Ga Dai and Kopi-O Gao were shocked and proceed to chase after the Milo brothers.

 googy soft half boiled egg brothers cute

On the table next to yours, the Half Boiled Egg Brothers can’t help but laugh at the hilarious chasing scene. One of the egg say to the other: “See! We can have fun like the Milo Bros. We are brothers too, just like them!”

The other twin egg rolled his eyes and said: “Only you wanna be like those fools. I, for one will not stoop this low for pranks at the expense of others. Hmmp!”

The first twin nudge the other “EHHH Don’t be so dead lah, let’s have some fun!!”

Dismissing his twin with a “Tsk”, the second egg tries to get away from his twin but realize that he can’t leave the plate and lets out an exasperated sigh.

 singapore takeaway drink dabao bro

You chuckled at the Half Boiled Eggs’ conversation while you finish up your meal. Just as you are about the stand up and leave the table, your favourite Kopitiam Hero, Dabao Bro, floats in front of you and tries to get your attention.

“Hey hey! Did you have a good time here at the Super Kopitiam today? It’s my job to make sure all of our guests enjoy their visit!”

You assure Dabao Bro that you had a great time, and all the Kopitiam Heroes made your day. “This is why I love coming here for breakfast.”

Dabao Bro beams with happiness and say: “Want to dabao (takeaway) something home to have for later?”

“That’s such a good idea!” You replied.


[The End]


Want to dabao some of our Super Kopitiam Heroes home too? Head over to our webstore and check out some of our Super Kopitiam Heroes Keychains! Take Dabao Bro everywhere you go with a Dabao Bro Keychain, or surprise your best buddy with a Milo Dino Keychain. Stay tuned for more adventures with the Super Kopitiam Heroes. ^.^


Xin Yi from wheniwasfour


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Singapore Night Festival 2018

Relive fond childhood memories in this year Singapore Night Festival with our FREE slap bracelet activity and a gigantic lighted up Paper Plane installation!

August 15, 2018 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam? (Part 1)

wheniwasfour blog 1 visuals kopitiam heroes

On a bright and sunny day… *birds chirping*

You walk to the kopitiam nearest to your house, and think: “What should I eat today?” Walking pass tables filled with people chatting happily while enjoying their breakfast, you notice that our Kopitiam Heroes are also hard at work, busy making everyone happy.


At the first table, you see Mr. Jack Teh Peng trying to get closer to Miss Rose Bandung. Some people say Jack is only good at one thing – being suave. He always has immaculate slick hair despite the warm weather and is never seen without his dark black shades. You hear Jack say to Rose, “Hey, Sweetie~”, and see that Rose instantly turns a bright shade of pink! That’s just how Rose is, nothing to worry about. Rose turns pink whenever someone compliments her (especially when that someone is Jack), even though she will never let Jack know that.


Aside from that table of drama, not too far away is Kosong 小弟 (junior). Kosong Bro is always found drawing circles at a corner with overcast skies, even on the sunniest days. He may be a little emo, but that’s what people like about him, simple (with no sugar or milk) and good as it is!


You said hello to your neighbours having breakfast at another table. Looking closer at their table, you see the Hard Boiled Egg Brothers 太熟兄弟 hanging out with Xiao You & Xiao Tiao 小油&小条. What a dynamic pairing! The hard-boiled egg brothers couldn’t have been more different in terms of personalities, due to being left in the boiling pot for too long. One is hardworking and down-to-earth, while the other always goes off to do silly things. You hear one of the eggs shout “YOLO!”, and there he goes trying to roll himself off the table. (*facepalm *)


Xiao You and Xiao Tiao laugh heartily as they watch Hard Boiled Bro’s shenanigans, when suddenly your neighbour picks the youtiao duo up and tries to pull them apart! They scream while holding onto each other for their dear lives. Xiao You, the brave one, assures Xiao Tiao: “I’ll never let go of you!”. Their love for each other eventually conquers all, as your neighbour puts them down and the inseparable duo hugs a squishy hug.


“It is always a fun place to be, at the kopitiam.” You think to yourself as you head over to the drinks stall.


[To Be Continued]

Xin Yi from wheniwasfour

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pssst! If you can’t wait for the next installment of What Goes On At The Super Kopitiam, consider getting our Super Kopitiam Heroes Zine 1 here. Not only can you immediately read about our other Heroes, you can also get crafty with a Milo Dino DIY tutorial, learn about the journey of four local independent makers, including wheniwasfour's brand story, and more!

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BBB Arts Sprawl x Singapore Design Week 2018

BBB Arts Sprawl x Singapore Design Week 2018

Arts Sprawl is returning to Queen street as part of Singapore Design Week from 16-17 March! We will be popping up along Queen street with other local brands and conducting a few crafty activities. It's FREE to participate! Save the dates and join us! 来来来!

Venue/ Outside Singapore Arts Museum at 8Q
Time/ 5pm - 10pm


slap bracelet diy

Relive fond childhood memories while decorating your very own slap bracelet, giving a personal touch to this old school accessory.

Each participant will get to design 1 slap bracelet for free with an array of materials provided within a 15min session. There will be minimal guidance so as to allow participants to express their creativity.


Try your hand at Linocut printing held at different times of the day. Get a chance to print iconic Singaporean playgrounds onto your own totebags using this traditional method of printing.

Participants can bring their own tote bags or purchase one from us at $6 to print on. Printing is free of charge with all tools and inks provided. Registration is required. Email to with the following information:

-Your name
-Contact number
-Workshop(s) you wish to sign up for
-Preferred time slot(s)  5-6pm / 7-8pm / 9-10pm (16 or 17 March)
-Number of Pax per workshop
-Names, contact number and email addresses of the participants you’re signing up  
*each pax is only entitled to print on 1 tote bag

Giant Calendar Installation (4-10pm)

Why inside the calendar?
We are not only a part of the present, future, but also the past.

Appreciation for the past is essential for its role in shaping our nation to what it is in the present. The baton of history is now handed to us in the present, as we form a pivotal role in becoming tomorrow’s past.

Reminiscent of old school calendars found in kopitiams, the Giant Calendar has been redesigned with a contemporary look featuring vibrant colours instead of the original red or green.

The Calendar will commemorate an important date in our nation’s history - 9th August, our National Day.

Go inside this Giant Calendar and take photos with your family and friends!!

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Mini Pasar Malam Games at Singapore Night Festival 2017!


Venue / 261 Waterloo Street #03-02 S180261
Date & Time / 
18 Aug – 5pm to 11pm
19 Aug – 2pm to 11pm
24 Aug – 5pm to 10pm
25 Aug – 5pm to 11pm
26 Aug – 2pm to 11pm

Complete 10 different childhood games within the stipulated time to win a special gift pack! Aside from our fastest winner each day who will walk away with a grand prize that consist of - 1 vintage toy, 1 cushion cover and 1 vinyl toy! Participants who are unable to complete the games within the time frame will also be rewarded with a little gift! There will also be a 10% discount for purchase $30 and more at the retail shop (#02-18) throughout the festival period. 

Shop opening hours will be extended till 11pm except 24 Aug until 10pm.

Rubber Stamping
Venue / 261 Waterloo Street #02-18 Singapore 180261
Time / Own time own target! 

Wheniwasfour wants to jio you for some stamping fun! Their cheeky Kopitiam characters and Singlish words will be waiting for you to ink them on your personal items. Bring along your own notebooks or you can purchase from us and get them customised for free. Have a steady pompipi week and see you there!







August 15, 2016 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

A vintage CARnival presented by Kombi Rocks!

People! We will be at the vintage CARnival at Orchard Central on 16th - 17th June. Is a car boot sales! Come and check out those lovely Kombis and Us too! ;p

May 30, 2012 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

Public Garden Flea!

Hello fellow friends! We will be at Public Garden on the 1st and 2nd June! Come and check us out on our new goodies! 

And there's a mini promotion too! Buy any two items (doesn't need to be from the same category) from our bags, notebooks and necklaces to get a 20% off! Come down with your buddy now! *Only exclusively for this coming Public Garden Flea* ;)

May 23, 2012 by wheniwasfour | 小时候

New launches!

We are so excited on our new totes designs, together with our new web launch!

May 13, 2012 by Shopify